About Us

The Lanikai Beach and Park Foundation, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization established in the year 2000. The Foundation is managed by a board of directors and officers serving without monetary compensation. The Foundation has no employees or overhead.

Our purpose is the stewardship of Lanikai's coastal environment including Lanikai Park and Lanikai Beach and public access pathways. Lanikai Park is a neighborhood park used by thousands of people from surrounding communities. Lanikai beach is a public beach which extends from Alala Point in the North to Wailea Point in the South. The beach is connected to public streets by 11 public beach access pathways. Lanikai Park is adjacent to one of the main public beach access pathways. Many ofthe people who use Lanikai beach also use Lanikai Park. Various beach activities, such as canoe paddling, extend from the beach to the park.  Lanikai Park, the public access pathways and Lanikai Beach combine to create a single public recreational and environmental resource which the Foundation wishes to restore, maintain and preserve.

The Foundation operates on a project by project basis. For example, in 2008 and 2009 the Foundation participated in the renovation of the Lanikai Park Pavilion in partnership with the Lanikai Association. The Park Pavilion serves as the Lanikai community center. A group of devoted Lanikai community volunteers built the original Park Pavilion more than 60 years ago. The Foundation raised a significant portion of the total project budget of $270,000 through private donations and a grant from the State of Hawaii. The foundation managed the project design, permitting, and construction from start to finish.

The Lanikai Beach and Park Foundation is presently working on an exciting baseline survey of the coral reefs and recreational uses of Lanikai beach and it's near shore waters funded by the Castle Foundation.