We are grateful to our partners for the critical support they provide to help our community. 

Harold K. L. Castle Foundation: a grant from the Castle Foundation has enabled us to conducted baseline coral reef and ocean use surveys needed to inform education and outreach activities and management decisions.

Mālama Kaʻōhao: Formed in September 2011 in response to community concerns about the health of Lanikai’s coral reef ecosystem, Mālama Kaʻōhao, a standing committee of the Lanikai Association, meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to discuss issues and management concerns and learn about how to improve the health of Lanikai’s coral reef ecosystem.  Mālama Kaʻōhao volunteers support ocean use surveys, beach cleanups, reef monitoring, and education and outreach activities that benefit Lanikai’s coral reef ecosystem and adjacent watershed.

The Nature Conservancy: The Nature Conservancy is conducting baseline biological surveys of  A'alapapa reef and brings their extensive experience in supporting community stewardship efforts around the State.

Hawaii Pacific University:  We are grateful to the professors and students of Hawaii Pacific University who have volunteered their time and energy to help design and conduct ocean use survey protocols. 

University of Hawaii:  We are  thankful to the professors and students at the University of Hawaii who have focused much needed attention on marine scientific reasearch and studies in Lanikai. 

Hui o Ko'olaupoko: Land-based pollution is a key threat to A'alapapa reef.  Hui o Ko'olaupoku provides technical expertise and hands-on projects to adress this threat through the establishment of residential rain gardens.